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We focus on the essence of beauty, which influences human nature, and forms a basis for our designs. Beauty makes people feel and act with grace. We design to enrich those senses with each individual project, creating spaces that delight and deliver with equal measure. Our specialty derives from a passion to stand out and be creative. Our services include home décor, café and restaurant designing, offices, lobbies, gardens, and much more. However, we are not limited to interior design only. We also create logos, as well as printing and execution of interiors. Bursting with fresh ideas and perceptions, we start by sketching out our concepts. We interact with our clients on a regular basis, and alter designs to meet your preferences, with a touch of designat. The final outcome usually includes AutoCAD construction drawings, a professional 3D render of your desired space, and supervision of the work process. Get inspired, stay artistic! Love, Designat Interiors.



B.F.A Interior Designer and a Co- Founder of designat interiors. Razan Jamal is a passionate and highly-creative designer, with a clear understanding of designs' wonderful potential to create beautiful spaces that last a lifetime. Razan constantly opens new influences for clients and inspires them to take new styles in the design process that creates a unique atmosphere. She gets inspiration mainly from nature and fashion, including home accessories, graphics, architecture, paintings, and many more. Through designing a wide variety of projects Residential & Commercial, Razan guarantees the creativity and quality of the project, and helps you fit your needs, using contemporary and modern concepts. She thinks that the room should look elegant and reflect the owner at the same.